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    Students must have a special interest in the wine sector and a feeling for its products and economy to benefit fully from this training. The course is designed for people who are motivated and who have successfully completed four years of university studies awarded by a diploma equivalent to a Masters, IUP, Laurea, BA-BSc 4, Licenciatura, Hauptstudium 3… in the field of management studies, social sciences, or science and technology. Their motivation must be linked to a commitment to a professional project specifically orientated toward the wine industry.

    A good working knowledge of French and English is essential.

    In application of the principle of validating professional experience, graduates from all academic backgrounds may nevertheless be considered for admission, depending on the candidate’s professional experience and personal project. A modular course may exceptionally be envisaged; the course would be scheduled over two or three years in this case, according to a timetable approved by the Director of studies.

    International equivalent qualifications and particular applications are examined by the AUIV Scientific and Training Committee, currently presided over by Paris University X who awards the diploma. As a matter of convention, the administrative and financial procedure is handled by the ENSA in Montpellier.


    The economics, science and techniques of wine production, general business policy, wine production and the law, strategic and operational marketing, human resources and personal development, sectorial finance and management are the seven teaching units in the OIV International MSc

    The transdisciplinary approach takes account of the data available in the different specialities and brings out the links between them.

    The aim is to comprehend the world in the here and now, partly by looking at the origins of phenomena (why), but mainly by focusing on systemic and constructivist processes (how) to better define sectorial dynamics and anticipate how these might evolve.

    In the course of their transnational training students develop the ability to analyse a set of strategic data, in complex situations. Thus rather than accumulating compartmentalised managerial skills, they develop skills right across the board, through specific personal research and benchmarking, backed by an international, scientifically co-ordinated network.


    The training approach adopted by the OIV International MSc reflects a form of management which extends beyond the culture of a single organisation, site or discipline. The student is not taken off on standardised, interchangeable seminars abroad; he develops a comprehensive understanding, within small working groups, of the scientific knowledge and managerial practices specific to each of the host centres.

    Each year is composed of students of different nationalities and cultures who make an itinerant study of international realities in situ, through contact with experts from all the regions of the world.

    The world of wine is increasingly marked by the interaction not only between diverse wine cultures (relationship to the product, consumer habits...), but even more so between individuals from different cultural backgrounds (nationality, language, environment, education, training...).

    Clients, consumers, partners and collaborators are increasingly well-informed and more and more demanding.

    To be competitive, firms in the wine industry have to respond to the expectations and particular needs of whoever they are dealing with.. They need access to networks with the right information, and the communication skills to interact with a diversified and shifting environment.

    The international network of academics, entrepreneurs and professional organisations which organise the OIV International MSc acts neither as a supermarket of knowledge, nor as an agent for cultural tourism. It constitutes a multi-focal network which students get to know and in which they become known.

    Individual convictions give way to a global view based on the plurality of forms and approaches. The student becomes both the actor and author of his own apprenticeship and that of the group.

    The intercultural perspective is thus an ongoing feature of management training. It is this which allows the student to develop the essential elements of competitiveness:

    - wide flexibility and tolerance toward the different, the unknown, and the new,

    - the ability to work in a group,

    • Taking advantage, in situ, of opportunities to further his/her knowledge and adapting these new ideas to a changing world,
    • the capacity to find creative solutions to common problems,
    • the ability to produce clear internal communications, accessible to everyone,
    • the ability to produce external communications tailored to different clients.



    The modules are grouped geographically to minimise travel constraints.

    The timetable is rescheduled in March each year after approval by the OIV training experts.





    International sectorial awareness



    3 weeks


    Management specificities in the wine sector

    2 to 4



    7 weeks


    Eaux-de-vie and the rapport between wines and spirits



    2 weeks


    Wine producing South West Europe

    6 to 8



    4,5 weeks


    Wine producing southern hemisphere

    Alternating every two years

    9 to 12




    4 weeks


    Wine producing South East Europe

    13 and 14



    3 weeks



    Wine production and markets in the USA



    3 weeks

    Wine in China



    2 weeks


    Research-action in a company or organisation



    16 to 20 weeks


    Final Seminar



    2 weeks



    www.oiv.int/oiv/info/enformationvitivinicole  www.supagro.fr/web/pages/?idl=20&page=445


    AUIV c/o OIV
    18 Rue d’Aguesseau
    F-75008 PARIS

    Michel Bourqui
    Délégué Général AUIV

    33 (0)6 07 79 29 74
    e-mail : mbourqui@auiv.org


    Hervé Hannin
    Director IHEV-Montpellier SupAgro
    President of the OIV “Training” Expert group

    Tel : +33 (0)4 99 61 23 26
    e-mail : herve.hannin@supagro.inra.fr

    OIV MSc中國代表


    Tel : +86 535 6678659
    Fax : +86 535 6640619
    e-mail :jimy@winechina.com




    創建于1924年11月,從1958年4月起使用“Office International de la Vigne et du Vin”,即“國際葡萄與葡萄酒局”的名稱。2004年1月起正式更命為“國際葡萄與葡萄酒組織”,即“Organisation International de la Vigne et du Vin”。







    The AUIV is a non profit making society. It was created in 1987 through the combined efforts of experts, researchers and university lecturers, business executives and heads of organisations in the wine-producing sector worldwide.


    After its inception, it went on to form a university training network specialising in management science (Réseau Universitaire Spécialisé en sciences de gestion), under the supervision and in direct collaboration with the OIV.


    This network constitutes an operational framework for multi-site sector-based itinerant training in several countries involved in the production, marketing and consumption of wine: the International OIV MSc in wine management.


    The university network specialised in management science for the AUIVtoday groups together 34 universities and advanced training and research centres。



    Shangai Institute of Foreign Trade


    NorthwestSci-techUniversity of Agriculture and Forestry, Yangling


    林裕森(Yu Sen Lin )OIV MSc Promo 7,臺灣葡萄酒作家
    陳千浩(Chien-Hao Chen) OIV MSc Promo 8,國立高雄餐旅管理學院教授
    嚴斌,OIV MSc Prom 15,2004年畢業,中糧華夏長城葡萄釀酒有限公司總工程師
    孫志軍,OIV MSc Prom 16,2005年畢業,中國葡萄酒信息網總編
    EDOUARD DUVAL,OIV MSc Prom 16,2005年畢業,上海由東往西美酒公司總經理
    RECHARD CHENG,OIV MSc Prom 16,2005年畢業,深圳葡萄酒顧問
    林靜,OIV MSc Prom 18,2006年畢業,ASC 葡萄酒教育部門經理
    Florie Deswaziere,OIV MSc Promo 19,2007年畢業,法國某干邑公司中國代表
    鄭文南,OIV MSc Promo 19,2007年畢業,葡萄酒顧問






    OIV Wine Marketing Program-UC Davis










    Last Update:7/10/2012

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